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Patha Bhavan was founded on the 28th June 1965 by the Patha Bhavan Society, at 103 A & C, Ballygunge Place, Kolkata - 700019 in a rented premises. The founders were eleven eminent teachers who had a vision.

A number of illustrious personalities like Prof. Sushobhan Sarkar, Dr. Amiya Bose, Justice Tarun Kr. Bose and the film maestro Satyajit Ray were all associated with this institution during its formative years.

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Our Mission

The founders and every teacher of Patha Bhavan have always worked towards a common goal – to nurture students to become responsible,bright,confident and enthusiastic girls and boys – who would grow up to be good human beings. The child-friendly environment in the school and the carefully conceived syllabus has made learning enjoyable – be it the languages, history, geography or the sciences. Knowing about the world one lives in, consciousness about the environment and a clear view of one’s roots and culture have been woven into the method of teaching here.

Way back in 1965, the policy makers had devised a unique system of education, which is now acclaimed by all like-minded institutions as a model system of learning.

Our endeavour is to carry forward the tradition adopting modern methods, to keep up with the changing times.

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