Primary & Montessori Dept


Home to Scholars, Leaders, and Achievers

In 1965, a dream took shape as Patha Bhavan School, a haven for learning founded by visionary educationists. Rejecting the rigid path of exams, our aim was to cultivate a fun, open environment where children thrive in art, music, literature, and science and would be able to express creatively through pencils, crayons, paints, the performing arts and literary pursuits. The child would get to nurture in an air of freedom, love, sincerity and justice. Run on the ideals of Rabindranath Tagore, whose contributions in different cultural spheres are enthusiastically and devotedly ingrained into the students. Education here enables the students to discover his or her hidden talents to the utmost extent possible.

Eminent individuals from diverse fields played pivotal roles in realizing this dream, demonstrating unwavering dedication, commitment, and devotion to fuel its growth. Among the distinguished founder members were Uma Sehanabis, Manjusree Dasgupta, Nandita Mitra, Bhamati Sengupta, Niranjan Sengupta, Nibedita Nag, Bithika Roychowdhury, Samik Bandyopadhyay, Leena Dasgupta, Jayashree Chattopadhyay, and Paromita Viswanathan. Additionally, the invaluable support of notable personalities and scholars such as Satyajit Ray, Ajit Kumar Dutta, Susovan Sarkar, Tarun Kumar Basu, and Meera Duttagupta has elevated Patha Bhavan into a renowned institution under the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education. It includes a thriving plus-two section offering Science, Arts, and Commerce streams accredited by The West Bengal Council of Higher Secondary Education. Satyajit Ray designed the school’s logo, and the school anthem, a creation by renowned poet-musician Jyotirindra Maitra, fondly known as ‘Batukda,’ which adds to our rich heritage.

The Patha Bhavan Montessori & Primary Dept Managing Committee comprises following members:

PRESIDENT: Dr Partha Ghose

SECRETARY:  Sri Biswanath Dasgupta

TEACHER IN CHARGE: Smt. Kankana Dasgupta


MEMBERS REPRESENTING PATHA BHAVAN SOCIETY – Sri Dipankar Sarkar, Smt. Reena Chakravorty

TEACHERS’ REPRESENTATIVES – Smt. Sonali Banerjee, Smt Sreemoyee Biswas


GUARDIAN REPRESENTATIVES – Sri Sankar Bhattacharyya, Smt. Suparna Ghosh & Smt. Ananya Bhattacharya