Our School

A dream was born in the year 1965 in the form of a Registered Society named Patha Bhavan, founded by a group of illustrious educationists. Its aim was to found schools where learning would be fun as the child would not be made to go through the tortuous path of examinations and competitiveness. The child would be allowed to grow up in an open liberal environment where he / she would have adequate exposure to art, music, literature and science, and would be able to express himself / herself creatively through pencils, crayons, paints, the performing arts and literary pursuits. The child would get to nurture himself / herself in an air of freedom, love, sincerity and justice. Such a school was started in the same year.

The persons involved in realizing this dream were eminent personalities in their own fields who made it possible with their dedication, commitment and devotion to help its growth. The noted founder members were Uma Sehanabis, Manjusree Dasgupta, Nandita Mitra, Bhamati Sengupta, Niranjan Sengupta, Nibedita Nag, Bithika Roychowdhury, Samik Bandyopadhyay, Leena Dasgupta, Jayashree Chattopadhyay and Paromita Viswanathan. Special mention must also be made of other eminent  personalities and scholars like Satyajit Ray, Ajitkumar Dutta, Susovan Sarkar, Tarun Kumar Basu and Meera Duttagupta whose invaluable and unrelenting support has made Patha Bhavan a renowned  institution under the West Bengal Board of Secondary Education and also the plus two  section offering Science. Arts and Commerce streams under The West  Bengal Council Of Higher Secondary Education. The logo of the school was designed by Satyajit Ray and the school anthem was composed by the renowned poet musician Jyotirindra Maitra, our beloved ‘Batukda’.

The school is run on the ideals of Kabiguru Rabindranath Tagore whose contributions in different cultural spheres are enthusiastically and devotedly ingrained into the students. Education here enables the students to discover his or her hidden talents to the utmost extent possible. The students get ample opportunities to strive for excellence not only in academics and cultural activities but also to participate in a wide range of regular events such as the regular Sahitya Sabhas, art and craft exhibitions, science workshop demonstrations and exhibitions, seminars, fairs, film  festivals and educational tours. The aim of the school is to impart a holistic education by teachers who are brought up on the ideals of the founders through in-house training. Hence the students are not only given lessons in academics, they are also made aware of their roots, culture, history and encouraged to have a scientific bent of mind and a rational outlook. The students have won laurels at national and international levels in diverse fields. We are committed to pursuing the ideals and dreams of our founding members and realizing their long cherished desire to have a school building at Merlin Park, offering more space and better facilities to our students.

The present members of the Society's Governing Body of Patha Bhavan are as follows :

  1. Dr.Partha Ghose – President
  2. Sri.Dipankar Sarkar– Secretary
  3. Smt.Reena Chakravorty - Member
  4. Sri.Saibal Kumar Bose – Treasurer
  5. Sri.Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya – Member 
  6. Sri.Ashis Basu– Member 
  7. Sri.Ranjan Sen – Member
  8. Sri.Saptarshi Roy Bardhan - Member
  9. Dr.Madhumita Roy - Member
  10. Dr.Udayan Bandopadhyay - Member
  11. Sri.Biswanath Das Gupta - Member
  12. Sri.Alokmoy Datta - Member
  13. Smt.Urvi Mukhopadhyay - Member


          The following members are presently the Secretary and Teacher in Charge of Patha Bhavan Montessori & Primary Dept -