About Us

Patha Bhavan was founded on the 28th June 1965 by the Patha Bhavan Society, at 103 A & C , Ballygunge Place , Kolkata - 700019 in a rented premises .The founders were eleven eminent teachers who had a vision.

A number of illustrious personalities like Prof. Sushobhan Sarkar, Dr.Amiya Bose, Justice Tarun Kr Bose and the film maestro Satyajit Ray were all associated with this institution during its formative years.

Patha Bhavan gained a name for itself as a centre of experimental learning and those who dedicated their service to this institution were inspired by the philosophy of Rabindranath Tagore - the way it was successfully implemented in Shantiniketan.

Patha Bhavan started with classes from Nursery to Class - VII in the same premises in the year 1968. From the beginning it was a coeducational institute and privately run under the governance of the society.

It was entirely due to technical reasons that Patha Bhavan senior school was put under a separate Managing Committee. In the seventies when the school got affiliated to the W.B.B.S.E it became necessary to have a separate Managing Committee as per 1969 Managing Committee Rules. So the Patha Bhavan Society and the Managing Committee agreed to this for better development of the school. Patha Bhavan High school henceforth had a separate committee whereas the primary section continued to be under the Society and the existing set up.

In 1968 when the number of students increased to an extent that it was difficult to accommodate all of them in the existing premises at 103 A & C, Ballygunge Place,
the Primary section was shifted out to 13/1, Palm Avenue.

Similarly when the Primary Section expanded more and the founders thought that a Montessori environment was ideal at the Pre Primary level - a Montessori section was set up at 5/1, Swinhoe Street in 1976.

Although the school spread out to different premises and was now under 2 committees on purely technical grounds - 1] for better administration 2] for the Patha Bhavan High school could not be under the Society and Board at one and the same time , the school always functioned as a single institution.

It was the same ideology same vision the same concern for the children who needed a child friendly environment that inspired the teachers of Patha Bhavan. The main idea was to inculcate in them a spontaneous desire to learn a clean concept of History and a scientific and analytical mind - free of taboos and superstitions. The emphasis was on the mother tongue as the base of learning - with no less importance on English as a language. Learning was just not taken as an assimilation of knowledge, but it meant consciousness of the environment and the training up of the mind to be perceptive and sensitive. There was a lot of emphasis on co curricular activities to open up a wide vista before the children from where they could enrich themselves in thoughts and ideas and creativity. Education in Patha Bhavan meant an exposure to literature, art, dramatics, music and dance.

Freedom of learning - friendly environment and individual attention from teachers were the basic ingredients that were considered necessary in helping a child in its formative years. Therefore Patha Bhavan never believed in the system of examination as a method of evaluation or assessment. It was always a process of continuous assessment and detention meant humiliation and a setback in the self-esteem of a learner - so failure was discouraged.

The teachers always maintained a close rapport with the guardians so that school could be an extension of the environment of the child and a comfort zone for its development. To date Patha Bhavan follows this system and there are no examinations till class - IV.There is no admission test for a child to go to class - V as Patha Bhavan has always been a single school with a unique system.

Way back in 1968 - the policy makers had devised a child friendly system - which is now acclaimed by all likeminded institutions as a model system of learning.

In this regard it must also be mentioned that we have created an opportunity for the physically challenged children. We admit them in our school and give them a chance to grow up and study along with the other children.
This is as per the government’s direction of reservation of 3% of the total capacity for the physically challenged children.

Appreciating the positive role played by Patha Bhavan in the education of children and its rich contribution to the method of education the Government of West Bengal was kind to allot a land to Patha Bhavan in 1975 at 8/1, Gariahat Road for a school building. It was expected that the school which is now housed in three different buildings will move under a single roof for better functioning and better environment.